Tv Antenna (a Sweet Hack)

Discussion in 'Custom Additions' started by Glenn and Karen, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. This past weekend I was receiving 40 channels on my new antenna setup:

    I started with two shock-corded poles that I found at work. They were previously used to standup a conference banner. One of the poles was "used" for parts. I didn't measure the length, but I'm guessing a pole is 6 feet long when extended. Here's a picture of a pole folded:

    I created a mounting post by screwing a 3/8 inch wide 16 pitch 3.5 inch long bolt up through one of the unused holes in the trailer tongue. I placed washers on both sides and a nut on top. Here's where I got lucky... I "fashioned" a spacer by removing the male end from a pole section, and it screwed onto the bolt fitting it perfectly. This made for a solid placement of the pole onto the mounting post (I used a pipe cutter to remove the male end).

    The antenna is a Mohu Leaf 50. I cut a section of pole to size to fit between the antenna's mounting holes, and then attached it with a loop of steel wire. I used another loop of steel wire to fashion a T shape such that the post of the T fits into the top of the extended pole. I can make a better T bracket than this, but it works well and the antenna stows away easily in the storage cabinet next to the TV. My last concern is how to survive wind gusts. I may need to fix the pole to the mounting post and the antenna to the pole.

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  2. Van_and_Terri

    Van_and_Terri Junior Ranger

    We bought a portable HD Antenna from Camping World and it works really well. I think it was $45.
  3. @Van_and_Terri -- Does your antenna sit outside? Do you mount it on anything? This is an indoor antenna, but it can be waterproofed easily with some silicon calk. There's a youtube video to that effect.

    I didn't mention it, but I suppose I could hang a flag from this pole when not using it for TV.
  4. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Very slick. Great post.
  5. Van_and_Terri

    Van_and_Terri Junior Ranger

    It has suction cups and we just put it on a window inside the camper. Not sure how well it would hold up to the elements.
  6. CamperJohn

    CamperJohn Newbie

    that looks cool. I wonder if the indoor antenna would get a good signal.

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