PVC Frame for Side Tent

Discussion in 'Custom Additions' started by Evan, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Evan

    Evan Administrator Staff Member

    This is Skip Eastman's idea. I snapped a few photos while I put mine together. If you have a side tent you may want to do it as well.
    The PVC frame will keep the tent floor in place when you can't stake the tent down.

    Here's what you need from Home Depot:
    2) 10' Lengths of 3/4" PVC
    4) 90 Degree fittings
    2) Straight couplers
    And a small amount of PVC glue

    Cut and glue the following lengths:
    2) 40.5" PVC with 90 degree fittings glued to each end
    2) 35.5" PVC - no fittings
    2) 10" PVC - straight coupler on one end each

    This is how the pieces go together...

    The 10" section can be taken in or out depending on the height of the tent from the ground.

    When the trailer is low enough for the rear stake loops to touch the ground, use the 10" insert.

    If the trailer is jacked way up so that the rear loop holes don't reach the ground, remove the 10" section.

    As Skip said, the best part is it all fits in the original pole bag.

    Side Note: I tried the side tent out on our 2nd homemade tear.
    It's not a perfect fit, but it's good enough. Now, we are going to end up needing a 2nd side tent for it.
    (It looks a bit saggy because I had already taken out the PVC frame).
  2. Kent Kanipe

    Kent Kanipe Novice

    Evan, thanks for this post. Although I have yet to have a problem with our side tent, the benefits of such a contraption seem clear. Especially true when set up conditions vary with each visit to a new place. It helps to see the set up and have a materials list. Now, off to go buy the materials.....well, a couple of other chores first....

    Skip, thanks for your willingness to share and get the ball rolling on this one. I wager several of us will nab this great idea....

  3. BobB

    BobB Novice

    Thanks for the detailed report - well done! I'm going to build one of these this weekend. So far we haven't run into a campground where we couldn't drive in stakes, but it's just a matter of time before we do. Plus I can see this being helpful in laying out the tent before driving in stakes.
  4. Kent Kanipe

    Kent Kanipe Novice

    We just returned having used our side tent frame for the first time. Although I have never had an isssue with this tent I must say that the PVC frame is very helpful...used it on uneven ground without stakes. This may be the best investment I have made in our CI. Well perhaps not the best, but inexpensive($7) and practical for sure. I am a convert!

  5. Towbert

    Towbert Novice

    Toilet Paper Holder - Thanks for the instructions for the PVC Frame, made ours this weekend. Designed & built a simple TP Holder that snaps on & off the 3/4" frame, plus if fits in our Luggable Loo along with our other toilet supplies.

    Here's what you will need:

    3/4" Saddle with 1/2" threads (white)
    1/2" Threaded 10" riser pipe (grey)
    1/2" 90* Degree Threaded elbow (grey)
    1/2" Threaded 6" riser pipe (grey)
    1/2" Threaded End Cap (grey)

    The best part is you can snap this on where you want, and your frame still fits in the Pole Storage Bag.

    560 Ultra SUV #720
  6. JOJO410

    JOJO410 Newbie

    Thanks for reposting this! I have my internal frame built and will try the side tent this weekend.
    I haven't even attempted it yet, but was wondering if anyone has pictures of how / where to release the Yakima roof rack for placement of tent flap?
    I have a SUV model with roof racks and would like to keep them on.. I read about the button fly idea as well... Any pictures would be appreciated as I would have to get a friend to sew it for me. Thanks so much for the tips!
  7. jtmiyake

    jtmiyake Newbie

    This worked great. Tried it out last weekend while camped on an RV pad. It is a little tight to get all the poles in the bag. An alternative may be to use 1/2" PVC instead of 3/4"
  8. Warren  Mary Ellen

    Warren Mary Ellen Junior Ranger

    We built this last year after having a tough time when we found we were parked on asphalt or concrete. It worked great for us. We keep ours in a bag from old camp chair that broke. If we know we will not need it, we leave it home. Any doubts and take it. If we don't use, we just stow it under the Camp Inn. Easy to make and use.
  9. John & Jodi

    John & Jodi Novice

    Is there a photo of this TP holder?
  10. ssackett

    ssackett Newbie

    Would love to see a picture also. Thanks!

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