LEDs for Interior/Galley Lights?

Discussion in 'Custom Additions' started by Dahava, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Dahava

    Dahava Novice

    Has anyone explored the option or found a solution for replacing the red and white Xenon lights in the cabin and galley with LEDs?

    I'm considering this and figured some smart person here already either did that or figured out why they can't.

    Any input would be helpful...thanks!
  2. Pick

    Pick Novice

    Hi D & V, Just wondering why you are wanting to change them. I'm sure you have seen michaelo's post on his marine type lights (very nice) My build schedule isn't set yet I don't think so I'm curious as to why you want/need to change.
    Mike & Denita
  3. nwhiker

    nwhiker Novice

    The main reason is LED lights use less energy, so you would be able to use the lights longer without draining your battery. The lights that D & V used are very nice as you could read more easily as they are adjustable. Now if there were just some at a reasonable cost I am sure everone would want them. Dave
  4. fpoole

    fpoole Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Yah, I'm interested to, more for the "Red" option on the LEDs...
    I guess I have an older model, #250 and it only has the dimmer white light....

    If I wake up in the middle of the night, 3am of course, and forget and turn one on, I keep hearing these voices Yelling,

    "Frank!!, head for the 'White Light', head for the 'White Light'...."

    and of course I do... to turn it off.. Night vision is then shot..

    Just as an alternative, I now use the little Petzl head leds in "Red" mode and it works just fine...

  5. Pick

    Pick Novice

    Thanks Dave, LED light do use less energy and michaelo's Dew Drop Inn lights are pricey. I've found with most things you get what you pay for. I'm sure the quality of those lights are off the chart. I quess that is why we are willing to spend more for a Camp Inn trailer. Still wondering why Dan and Vanessa want to switch, aesthetics? or mechanical issues? something else?
    Mike & Denita
  6. Dahava

    Dahava Novice

    We're looking at simply replacing the Xenon bulbs with LEDs to save energy. When boondocking, the LEDs will draw much less power than the Xenon. We love the fixtures that came in the 560 and wouldn't change them. We just want less power usage. I found a couple suppliers, but was looking for anyone who has already done this. I'm sure there's someone out there...
  7. 1Door

    1Door Novice

    We don't even use the lights in the cabin! At night we go in with only an LED night light (walmart)turned on and fire up the 17" laptop and watch a movie. If Alan wants to read his I pad, it is backlit (as well as his nook). Running lights at night (here in Fla) only attracts bugs and I would recommend NO SEE UM MESHING in the windows instead of the screen they (the windows) come with!! I guess the "red lights" would help at night for the bugs...or camping in Amsterdam.
  8. Dahava

    Dahava Novice

    I'll be sure to post, if/when, Jenn!
  9. Pick

    Pick Novice

    Ah the mystery is solved. I'll watch for your post on the LED's if you find anything. Congrats of the table extension. I'll be contacting Cary to add this to my build.
    Mike & Denita
  10. fdkoh99

    fdkoh99 Novice

    I don't have an answer for the LEDs but just a comment that I have gone 8 full days without recharging the battery (Car wiring was wrong so the trailer wasn't charging) and the Xenon lights didn't wear the battery down far enough to matter. I do have the battery upgrade.

    So - LEDs would be good... but the regular lights last a long time on one charge.

    Dave K
  11. Dahava

    Dahava Novice


    That's great feedback! Cary was just explaining some of that to me, too. It appears the technology hasn't quite caught up enough yet to make it a huge efficiency gain. So, I'll likely quit looking for now. You guys have saved me some time/effort/money!
  12. Pick

    Pick Novice

    Good to know. Did you use them much? Television too?
    Mike & Denita
  13. fdkoh99

    fdkoh99 Novice


    No TV or 12v refrig - just lights and water pump... and no issues... we never had electric plug in at any of the sites and no car charging. Having had a boat in the past - it was something I worried about.... but didn't need to... and now with the 7 prong plug wired correctly - it just won't be an issue.

    Dave K
  14. Sweeney

    Sweeney Novice

    Heat is another advantage to LED...well, lack of heat. Our galley light was left on, and the heat from the bulb scorched the plastic liner....burned through actually. So I replaced it with an LED....no real damage, just melted plastic.

    The led is not as warm color wise, it's more blue than yellow, I find that really annoying. It also seems to flicker, but that's not possible because they are powered. I'm not a fan of LED at this point....even though they are cooler and much more energy efficient. Yes, I did buy a "reputable" and quite expensive bulb....I can't recall the brand....regardless, it's probably made by the same sweatshop laborer as the cheap ones.

  15. Dahava

    Dahava Novice

    There is more and more color selection available. Maybe another bulb would be better? Here's a link to a recent video that I found promising: LEDs for RVs Part 1 and Part 2.
  16. Sweeney

    Sweeney Novice

    I bought 25 standard replacement bulbs for less than 1 of or LED bulbs for amazon. I also bought a "warm" LED. Surely sticker shock on the LED bulbs are a factor since I LED bulb costs more than 25 standard types. I still found the light very cool. And flickery. Is that a word?

    Even though my first foray into LED lighting was what I consider a waste of $12, I'm still very interested in LED for another project I am working on, I'll give M4 some serious consideration when I'm ready for lighting that,....they look like they have a great selection, and their prices are competitive.
  17. MartiVltori

    MartiVltori Novice

    I know this is an old thread but I thought I would share what I put in my 550 that I just got.

    I bought these on amazon, 14.00 for 4 which is a good price. They are brighter than the xenon bulbs and only use 3 watts. They are also very warm. Light quality is as good as the originals. I cannot attest to their longevity or quality yet.

    One downside is they are not dimmable. The will dim but they flicker and crackle. Probably not good for them. I just leave the dimmer all the way up and use the switch.

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  18. rotus8

    rotus8 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Joseph- does the dimmer in the fixture work with these bulbs? If it does that is a great substitute.
  19. MartiVltori

    MartiVltori Novice

    The do actually dim yes. However, the product description says they are not dimmable and when you are adjusting the dimmer, they flicker and make crackling sounds. Probably not good for them. I am just going to leave them on full.

    I think I did see some that were dimmable when I was looking at amazon but they were more expensive.
  20. rotus8

    rotus8 Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I got four of these:
    Amazon LEDs
    They work well and dim without complaint. The only negative is that the dimmest they go is about half brightness where the halogens are just barely glowing at the dimmest setting.

    It is interesting that one of the four flickers at about 20 Hz when dimmed where the other three are quite steady.

    Also, I lost one of those tiny screws when doing the replacement. It is down in the bed somewhere... :mad:

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