Galley toothbrush idea!

Discussion in 'Custom Additions' started by Mick'nSarah, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Mick'nSarah

    Mick'nSarah Junior Ranger

    Hi all-

    Not sure how you all keep your toothbrushes, but I came across some adorable holders at the store today (I really need to stay out of the gift aisle, but it calls to me!).


    I keep our stuff in a bin in the cabin, but the toothbrushes are always dropping to the bottom and are hard too find. I grabbed 2 of these (Mick always keeps his with other stuff), pulled off the suction cups, slapped on some earthquake putty and smooshed them against the wall. Violá!

    Laddy thinks he is going to get the owl. Mama says not a chance kiddo, the owl is mine. Showdown at noon! :)
  2. pat walsh

    pat walsh Novice

    Sarah I like this idea we put our shower stuff in the car and I have an adversion to opening the car after dark as when I lock it the car lights flash - pretty rude if others have retired for the night. I think I will get some and maybe put them in the cabin with night wear.
  3. AnnaSteve

    AnnaSteve Novice

    Sarah good idea and cute too. :)
  4. slumry

    slumry Novice

    Sarah, my money is on the lad. Better get used to the lady bug.
  5. Mick'nSarah

    Mick'nSarah Junior Ranger

    He comes by his stubbornness honestly. Mick would say it is me, I say it is him, and to be honest we are both right!

    I caved and gave him the red bags. I am sticking to my guns here. Red is his favorite color, and he complained he didn't want it because it didn't have a face...I can fix that in a jiffy! :) Might still come out on top.

    Or, I might buy a second one next week and Mick can have the Ladybug! ;)
  6. David Olson

    David Olson Novice

    We keep our ditty bags in the cabin other than some Listerine I keep in the galley.
    Pat as to the light problem on the vehicle just last week I was at our dealer and asking about that very problem and over riding it. We have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the dealer showed me how to go into the settings feature and change that setting. Wahla no more lights when the door is opened after dark. I had even went so far as to make some blinders like you would put on a horse to block the light from hitting other campers at night.
  7. pat walsh

    pat walsh Novice

    Oly, thanks for the idea on changing the way the lights work. I will have to ask my friend (travel companion) about her dodge caravan and see if that would work. I am terrible at remembering that it will happen and then there it is and I am always on the wrong side to turn them off quickly.
  8. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    How about the people (rare) who then lock the car using the remote, and the horn sounds!! Love that.

    But that is still better than the guy who hears strange nearby noises late at night, and emerges from his teardrop to find that he has left his tow vehicle's sun roof open and a small tribe of racoons are having a nice lunch inside the car out of the not-so-safely-stored picnic basket, and the guy then wakes up all the nearby campers as he makes noise to get the racoons to get out.....

    OK, I really didn't make all that much noise, and the last racoon did politely leave the vehicle once I opened a door....


    but at least my lights didn't come on and the horn didn't sound!!


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  9. pat walsh

    pat walsh Novice

    Al one less thing to worry about we don't have a sun roof but that must have been some mess.
  10. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    Last winter we had a raccoon in the attic for a couple days. The guy that came to remove him wound up using a paint ball gun to convince him to leave. So, it might have been worse Al. ;)
  11. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    thankfully, racoons apparently don't understand the concept of "urgency," because they were quite relaxed and took their time in there. Since I got out there pretty quickly, they really hadn't done much damage inside the SUV.

  12. AlCat

    AlCat Junior Ranger Donating Member

    great idea! I'll add "paint gun" to the list of mandatory items for our camping trip!!

  13. slumry

    slumry Novice

    We would have welcomed a raccoon instead of the visitor we got last night. While camping at Deception Pass State Park during the wee hours we will treated to someone opening the door on my side of the trailer who proceeded to try to slip into the trailer. He was very persistent and despite all arguments to the contrary the visitor clearly had thought he had found his bed for the night. I had to turn on the light before he figured out that we were not his drinking buddies. Oddly enough, I never thought I was in any real danger; however, I am sure there are some places if he had tried this stunt that someone would have responded more forcefully. I have never bothered to lock the door but will do so hence forth.
  14. Ken & Peggy

    Ken & Peggy Moderator Staff Member Donating Member

    WHAT?! A drunk thought your teardrop was where he was supposed to sleep?? You've gotta be kidding, right?
  15. fpoole

    fpoole Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Whoa.. and at Deception Pass... Geesh, would never have thought of that especially there, not on the beaten path so to speak...
  16. pat walsh

    pat walsh Novice

    Yup lock your doors. We always ask each other if we locked our doors. Often seems foolish as a campground seems so safe and friendly - but hearing your story we will keep locking our doors.
  17. Mick'nSarah

    Mick'nSarah Junior Ranger

    Yikes! I always double check the door locks, especially when Mick isn't with me. No idea what I would have done in your case. Guessing there would have been a lot of screaming, along with a child crying and learning vocabulary we try to keep out of ear shot!

    Might be harmless, but you never know. There are plenty of folks out there making some really bad decisions. Glad it all turned out well at least.

    Stay safe!
  18. KathyBob

    KathyBob Junior Ranger

    So glad you are OK! What a good lesson for all of us. I just worry that someone will be curious and try opening the door to see if it really is a BBQ cooker! Kathy
  19. Inn42

    Inn42 Junior Ranger

    We liked the original post by Sarah. Since we need to get at our toothbrushes a few times every day, it makes sense to make them as easily accessible as possible. We bought a holder right after her original post that has since worn out. It was less than ideal because it projected out from the wall farther than we would have liked, so we mounted it on the side opposite the sink. The result was that Alea and I would bump into each other trying to get to the sink or to put the toothbrushes back in the holder.

    We recently went looking for a replacement and found a pair of these at Walmart for $1.87. I thought they looked a little cheap, but the low profile design makes it possible to mount them on the sink side, where they actually get used. This is one of those items that at first you think it should work a certain way, but after you accept the fact that it doesn't work the way you think it should you realize that it is a very simple, ingenious design. Just pull the toothbrush out to use. Stick it back in and push the clear dark cover in past the opaque body to keep it in place, no matter how rough the road gets.

    These come with a little suction cup on the back, but we tossed those and have screwed them directly to the galley wall.

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