Galley Led Light Project

Discussion in 'Custom Additions' started by Randy, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    Fun and inexpensive little project - LED light string in the galley. Easy installation, light strip has adhesive backing. It connects to 110 outlet but I just ordered a USB to Barrel 12 Volt plug cord hoping that I will be able to run it off the 12 volt socket. Comes with a remote for selection of an infinite variety of colors and if you want to go disco, you can program it to flash or fade from color to color! Incredibly the whole kit was only $20 at Amazon. There was more than enough to run it up both sides and across the back and can be cut to length. It really brightens up the whole galley area, even during the daytime.

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  2. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Cary should offer the Disco Package. :p
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  3. Jay & Valerie

    Jay & Valerie Junior Ranger Donating Member

    I think I have that same or similar string of LEDs. I have been trying to figure out where I want to put them.

    I thought about on the underside so I can have them on to light up the ground as you step out at night. I thought it also might look cool driving down the road at night.

    However, I have not yet committed to any installation location as I want to figure out the electrical piece first. I want to have them on a switch but powered wired into the 12V system.
  4. Randy

    Randy Ranger Donating Member

    The possibilities are endless! I am thinking about a string in the cabin and using the leftover for my AV cabinet (Michelle thinks I'm crazy :). ). There is a connector on both ends of the light string, if you have leftover lights you can buy the control box and remote separately for around 6 bucks. Hoping the USB to 12 volt cord works. Amazingly inexpensive.
  5. David Olson

    David Olson Novice

    Run them on the back side of the galley door ribs. That way they are not in your face. I did that and tied into the existing light fixture. Just took out the white bulb and tied the wire leads into where that bulb was. That way I still have the dimming capability.

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