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  1. Towbert

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    Have heard that some members have mounted a Marine Flag Pole Socket in the space on the tongue intended for a center mounted jack. Can anyone share which brand & size fits best? The goal is to use the standard 3/8" threaded holes, without drilling the frame.
    Brad Donath
    560 Ultra SUV
    TOWBERT #720
  2. Towbert

    Towbert Novice

    OK - If not a jack mount, how about other suggestions regarding a small Flag Pole Mount. Like to fly our American Flag at home everyday, and want to carry over this tradition with TOWBERT (560 SUV Ultra).
    Thanks, Brad
  3. I'm really interested in hearing/seeing what others have done in this regard also! When we toured the factory to decide if a CampInn was right for us, I asked Marty (or maybe Cary) about this very thing......told him it might be a deal breaker if my 560 couldn't have a flag pole mount option. I think he thought I was serious for a minute.....lol. We have carried our US flag & found ways to fly it while camping, but I really do want to find a good way to securely mount it to the tongue of the trailer.

    Casandra.....Very Proud US Marine Mom!
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  4. Towbert

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    NO Drill Soultion - Flagpole Mount. Just ordered a ATV Black Fiberglass 4' L x 3/8" D Flagpole with attached 3/8" - 16 thread count mount that will screw into existing unused hole on trailer toung. Included a USA 12"x18" Flag for a total of $30 plus S&H.
    Went to local Hardware Store & picked up a 3/8" Rubber washer, so the metal mount will not scratch the paint on the frame.
    Will report back if successful-

    560 SUV ULTRA
  5. This sounds like a great idea! When you report back would you please post pictures also to show exactly how it all looks once attached to the existing unused hole on the tongue? I'm more of a visual learner....lol Thanks.

  6. Towbert

    Towbert Novice

    Success - Looks like it belongs on the Camp-Inn - Design, quality, & size. Simple "no drill" install; simply mount the included 5/8" bolt with threaded end pointing up on the tongue - then screw on Flagpole by hand.
    Flagpole is available in many lengths, but chose the 4' for storage - it fits under the couch on the 560 in the down position.
    Bought Flagpole online: AditudeGear.com**OffRoadFlags.com
    Description: AdiSNflg - Aditudegear SuperKnit flag - 4ft 3/8 whip bolt - USA.
    Total with Shipping - $30.35

    560 SUV Ultra
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  7. Jim and Sue Lambly

    Jim and Sue Lambly Junior Ranger

    Now that's a great bit of info! Sure beats my neighbor's suggestion of duct tape.

    Thanks for sharing, keep Old Glory flying and...

    Camp on

  8. Doug & Amber

    Doug & Amber Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Yes, pictures please!!!!!
  9. Towbert

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    Just got back from Lake Kiabab Campground (Willams, AZ) & got many complements on Flagpole - it passed the field & weather test. Sorry, haven't figured out photos yet, but above vendor website has them. Made a simple revision to mount for cleaner look - Ditched the 3/8" mounting bolt from below and installed a 2" long 3/8" setscrew bolt directly into Flagpole Mount with tapered end down, plus used Locktight on setscrew. Now the Flagpole simply screws into the unused hole on toung & when removed - you are back to stock.


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  10. Doug & Amber

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    Can you take iPhone images and email to me?
  11. Towbert

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  12. Towbert

    Towbert Novice

    Detailed Photos Added ~
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  13. Theresa

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    You may think this is a crazy idea, but have you considered -- instead of carrying a flag -- having a flag painted on your teardrop? Nothing to carry, nothing to wear out.
  14. Brian & Lucy

    Brian & Lucy Newbie

    I bought the Towbert solution with the 6' flagpole so we could double up the flag and fly it high! Haven't installed yet, but arrived quickly and will install this weekend. Looks great! Nice idea.
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  15. Randy

    Randy Junior Ranger Donating Member

    Could you post a link to the flag, pole and mount? Thanks!
  16. Brian & Lucy

    Brian & Lucy Newbie

    Aditude Gear ATV Flags I purchased the 6' (3/8th) with the US flag pre-installed. If you don't want the flag, you can go to the 'gear' section and just get the pole. I also purchased a couple of the accessories for attach a 2nd flag.
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  17. Randy

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